Cloud Factory Candle
Cloud Factory Candle

Cloud Factory Candle


Handcrafted in Tofino using Vancouver Island beeswax and essential oils. Burning this beeswax candle releases negative ions which purify the air and uplift your spirit. Much like the negative ions that fill the coastal air of Tofino which are released by the pounding waves. Each candle includes wild forged elements so you can have a small part of Tofino in your home.

  • 260g, 60hr burn time
  • 4" tall, 2 3/4" wide
  • All essential oils
  • Gold stamp is Sweet Lavender scent
  • Black stamp is Smokey Cedar scent
  • Recycled glass cut from beer bottles
  • $1 from each sale is donated to the Ancient Forest Alliance to protect old growth rainforests.